Liberty County Will — John Bohun Girardeau

African-Americans Mentioned: Abram, Alphonso, Clarra, Dick, Fanny, old Florah, Frank, Harry, Jain [Jane?], July, Nancy, Paul, Rose, Sary, Sinah, Solomon, Tenah, Tom
Slaveholder: John Bohun Girardeau
Year: 1800
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary (published 1964)

John Bohun Gireadeau (sic: Girardeau).

Last Will and Testament dated November 6, 1800. Probated July 11, 1803. Gives to his sister, Susanna Gireadeau (sic: Girardeau) the upper part of the Cedar Grove tract and two slaves and cattle. His 2/3rds part of the tract near Sunbury and known as the Distillery land and called by him Rushbrook, to be equally divided into three parts; wife, Elizabeth MaryAnn to have choice of one part, and the other two parts together with remainder of the Cedar Grove tract he gives to said sister Susannah and to sister Elizabeth Maybank. Directs his brother-in-law Andrew Maybank to settle all his debts out of his estate. Remainder of his slaves he gives to above legatees and to Dr. Samuel J. Axson’s two children, and to Amanda and MaryAnn Gireadeau [sic: Girardeau], minors. Andrew Maybank, John Jones and Joseph Jones named testamentary guardians of the estate devised to said Axson children; directs that Axson himself to never have any share or interest in same “in no case.” Directs to be sold 1000 acres in Glynn County known as Doctorstown, and an island in the Altamaha River containing 250 acres, and Pinchgut Plantation bought of Stephen Williams, and proceeds, after debts are paid, to be divided between said legatees. Witnesses: J. Molich, John Parker Gough, Adam Alexander.

Slave names left out of the original summary:

To sister Susanna Girardeau: “two negroes by names Cassius and Lizzy with seven cows & calfs and the sorrel mare called Calypso with all their increase to her and her heirs forever.”

To wife Elizabeth Mary Ann Girardeau: “all my remaining negroes and stock of horses and cattle sheep hogs to her and her heirs forever, except old Frank who is to be set free on the day of her marriage and give him his tools with a cow and calf.”

“After the mortgage I have with John Couper is lifted it shall be disposed of in the following manner to wit: Tom Fanny Abram Solomon Jain and old Florah be the property of my sister Elizabeth [or Eliza] Maybank and her heirs forever. And that Dick Paul Sinah Sary and Rose be the property of my sister Susanna and her heirs forever; and that Harry Nancy July Tenah Clarra [alt: Clara] Alphonso and a young child of Nancy’s together with their labor and issue be the property of Doctor Sam[ue]l Axson’s two children Amanda & Mary Ann Girardeau.”

Find the original (complete) will online at:

“Georgia Probate Records, 1742-1990,” images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Liberty > Wills, appraisements and bonds 1790-1850 vol B > image 80 of 689; county probate courthouses, Georgia.

1964 Summaries From: “Georgia Court-House Records – Liberty County,” 1964 quarterly issues of The Georgia Genealogical Magazine, Folks Huxford, Editor. Published Under the Auspices of The Wiregrass Georgia Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution.

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