Liberty County Will — Thomas Singleton

African-Americans Mentioned: Abraham, Affee, Balinda [alt: Belinda], Billy, Caron, Ceasar [alt: Caesar], Celia, Chloe, Clara, Elcy [or Elsy], Hagar, Isaac, young Hannah, Hannah, Lucey [or Lucy], Mariah, Martia Young, Martia, Mary, Morris, Peggy, Sam, Stephen, Suckey, Tom
Slaveholder: Thomas Singleton
Year: 1803
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary (published 1964)

Thomas Singleton [Singellton in original will] of Liberty County, planter. Last Will and Testament dated February 15, 1803; recorded January 30, 1805. Gives to nephews (who are minors) Benjamin and Thomas Singleton (sons of his brother, Richard Singleton) 25 slaves. Gives to his sister Rebecca Smith certain property. It is stated that he is the only surviving heir to his father’s estate, and directs that 2000 acres on the Great Satilla River in Camden County be sold. He gives to his nephew Benjamin Singleton, all his livestock. Executors: Nephew, Richard Singleton, and Col. John Couper (“with whom I live”). Witnesses: Daniel McLain, Lachlan McIntosh.

Slave names left out of the original summary:

To: nephews Benjamin and Thomas Singellton [sic, Singleton], sons of his brother Richard: “To them their heirs and assigns the following slaves Viz; Sam Hagar & Children Billy young Hannah Mariah, Morris, Chloe, Balinda [alt: Belinda], Ceasar, Affee, Clara, Isaac, Elcy [or Elsy], Celia, Stephen, Caron, Suckey, Mary, Peggy, Abraham, Tom / Martia Young / Martia & Lucey [alt: Lucy] to be equally divided share & share alike & in case of the death of either of my said nephews before he attain[s] the age of twenty one years his share shall go to the survivor including the increase of the above named females.”

“Item, In consideration of the faithful services of my Hannah[,] Morris’s mother[,] I do order and direct my Executors herein after named to set her as free as if she was absolutely born so the week after my death and to pay to her the sum of one hundred dollars.”

Find the original (complete) will online at:

“Georgia Probate Records, 1742-1990,” images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Liberty > Wills, appraisements and bonds 1790-1850 vol B > image 87 of 689; county probate courthouses, Georgia.

1964 Summaries From: “Georgia Court-House Records – Liberty County,” 1964 quarterly issues of The Georgia Genealogical Magazine, Folks Huxford, Editor. Published Under the Auspices of The Wiregrass Georgia Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution.

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