Liberty County Will – Simon Fraser

African-Americans Mentioned: Caesar, Daphney (and her family)
Slaveholder: Simon Fraser
Year: 1812
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:
Simon Fraser of Liberty County, planter. Last Will and Testament dated October 22, 1812; codicil dated same date. Probated December 15, 1812.
Item 1. He gives to his “beloved” wife Sarah $400 annually during her natural life or widowhood, along with her choice of “a wench and boy”, plus the riding chair and her choice of horse, half of his household furniture, one bed and paraphernalia, and to reside at any of his plantations. After her death, this property reverts to his estate and the annuity will cease.
Following bequests to be paid within six years:
Item 2. To each of his five sisters, Margaret, Mary, Anne, Catherine and Isabel he gives $500 each.
Item 3. To his brother Alexander Fraser, now living in New York, he gives $1000.
Item 4. To nephews John Fraser, William Fraser, and Simon Fraser, now living in Georgia, $500 each.
Item 5. To his nephew Simon Fraser, son of his brother Alexander Fraser, $1500 when he turns 21; and he is to be brought up with son Simon and educated and supported with the necessities of life out of the estate until then.
Item 6. To Mary Sullivan, who is now living in his family, $200.
Item 7. To Mary Clark, an orphan girl now living in his family, $100.
Item 8. To eldest son John Edward Fraser he gives his Midway tracts of land.
Item 9. To son Simon Fraser he gives his Desert plantation, along with the plantation stock of cattle, branded S.F. and his gold watch and sleeve buttons.
Item 10. To son Andrew Fraser he gives two tracts of land, called Sallets Tracts and two tracts in the upper part of Georgia, one in Second District – Old Baldwin, now Putman [Putnam?] County, the other in the 24th District, Wilkinson County.
Item 11. Rest of estate goes to his beloved sons, John Edward Fraser, Andrew Fraser, and Simon Fraser, share and share alike, except the wench Daphney and her family, with his wharf lot, and ware house in Savannah, which will be disposed of in a future item. If his sons die before age 21 or before marriage, property goes to his brothers’ sons, with provision for paying $1000 to each of his sisters.
Item 12. Gives “the wench Daphney & her family” with his wharf lot, and warehouse in Savannah to his two sons, John Edward Fraser and Simon Fraser, to be equally divided.
Item 13. Gives to his son Simon Fraser “the little negroe boy Ceasar [alt: Caesar]…”
Item 14. Give to Mrs. Jane Martin $200.
Executors: Wife, son John Edward Fraser, and friends Peter Winn, Daniel Stewart, Andrew Walthour, and nephew Donald Fraser. Witnesses: William Fraser, Daniel F. Sullivan, M. Murphy.

Codicil: Desires that his son Andrew be kept from possession of his part of the estate until he turns 26, unless the executors determine that “prodigality or distemperance in him may be such” as to make it to his benefit to restrict him for a longer period of time. Also, for the purpose of preventing lawsuits among his heirs, if his heirs decide to sue, they forfeit their claim.

Find the original (complete) will online at:

“Georgia Probate Records, 1742-1990,” images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Liberty > Wills, appraisements and bonds 1790-1850 vol B > image 116 of 689; county probate courthouses, Georgia.


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