Liberty County Will – Elizabeth Nelmes

Enslaved People Mentioned: Becca, Ben, Chloe, Lucy, Madelaine, Smart
Slaveholder: Elizabeth Nelmes
Year: 1849
Location: Liberty County, Georgia


Georgia, Liberty County } In the name of the Adorable Trinity. I Elizabeth Nelmes (widow) of the state and county aforesaid calling to mind the mortality of my body, being of sound & perfect mind & memory, do make and ordain the following as my last Will and Testament.

1st I give my mortal remains to decent Christian burial, according to the discretion of my Executors & friends and my Soul I commend into the hands of that blessed and adorable God who gave it.

2d. Concerning that portion of worldly goods which it has pleased God to bestow on me, after the payment [of] all just debts which I may owe at my decease, I give and bequeath unto my beloved grandchildren the heirs of the body of my beloved daughter Jane Girardeau now living or which may hereafter be born all my Estate both real & personal to be divided equally among them share and share alike (that is to say) fifty acres of land in the state and county aforesaid bounded S. & W. by Eli McFail’s land E by W B. Gaulden’s & W. Sandiford’s North by the public road and the church lot, also another tract containing nine acres more or less on the north side of the public road adjoining the first mentioned tract. Also six negro slaves (Viz) Lucy an old woman & Chloe & her four children, Becca, Smart, Madelaine, and Ben and their increase, also my beds and bedding household & kitchen furniture & utensils with all the cattle & hogs which I may own at my death.

Provided nevertheless that the profits arising from the aforesaid property shall be by my executors applied to the support of my aforesaid daughter Jane Girardeau and her children who may reside with her during her natural life but not to be subject to her debts or the debts of any other person whatsoever. And then to be divided as aforesaid among my grandchildren aforesaid & their heirs.

And in order that the foregoing will may become into effect I hereby nominate and appoint my friends Eli McFail, Newman Bradley, Enoch Daniel, James R. Bird & my grandson William O. Girardeau Executors of my last will & testament.

Signed, sealed, published and declared in presence of

William H. Hendry

Littleberry Hendry

Robert Hendry

[End Transcription]

Find the original (complete) will and other papers online at or [Source name on both sites: “Georgia, Wills and Probate Records, 1742-1992” → “Liberty County” → “Wills, 1869-1917 Miller, Melissa-Zoucks, D.”]

There is also another version in different handwriting:

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