Bryan County Will – Mary Ann Mell

African-Americans Mentioned: Jenny, Nelly, Rose
Slaveholder: Mary Ann Mell
Year: 1828
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Mary Ann Mell, widow of William Thomas Mell, late of Chatham County, Bryan County, State of Georgia


  • Gives to daughter Martha Saunders Mell her “three negro slaves”: Rose, Nelly and Jenny, and their future issue, with her horse, gig, stock of cattle, sheep, beds and bedding, furniture, jewellery. If she should die before marriage, or without children living at the time of her death, then she gives all of the above to her sister Alicia G. ?Berrie?, and when she dies, to John R. Ross, son of her friend Mrs. Eliza Lamb of Bryan County.

  • Wills that upon her death her sister Mrs. Alicia G. ?Berrie? should take charge of her daughter Martha Saunders Mell until age 18 or marriage, unless her sister should try to take her daughter to either Glynn or Camden County, or if she dies before her daughter reaches age 18, then her friend Mrs. Eliza Lamb should take charge of her daughter’s upbringing.

Executors: Benjn [Benjamin] S. Lamb of Bryan County and William Rose [or Ross], merchant of Savannah.

Date signed: 28 January 1828

Witnesses: John J Maxwell

John Harn, J..

Probated in Liberty County by John J. Maxwell on 28 February 1828.

Recorded on 17 March 1828.

See original will at:

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