Liberty County Will – Elizabeth Hughes

African-Americans Mentioned: Big Eve, Little Eve, Peter, Sam
Slaveholder: Elizabeth Hughes
Year: 1823
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Elizabeth Hughes, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • “my four negroes named Peter, Big Eve, Little Eve & Sam” to be divided as follows:

    • 1/3 to her son William Hughes and his heirs

    • 1/3 to children of her deceased daughter Esther Perry and their heirs

    • Use and labor of the remaining 1/3 to her daughter Elizabeth Bacon during her lifetime, and to be equally divided between her children at her death.

  • To grandson Nathaniel McCollough one hundred dollars to be paid within one year of her death.

Executors: William Hughes, Joseph Bacon, William Osgood

Date signed: 4 September 1823

Witnesses: Uriah Wilcox, Jesse Harn

Probated by Uriah Wilcox on 1 March 1824.

Recorded 10 March 1824.

See the original will at:

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