Liberty County Will – Peter Winn

frican-Americans Mentioned: Black Nelly, Bob
Slaveholder: Peter Winn
Year: 1824
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Peter Winn, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • “the negro property, or slaves, with their issue, which I have loaned to my children, John Winn, Anne Fleming, Mary Bacon, Peter Farley Winn, Eliza S. Stevens, are to be considered as belonging to my personal estate, and that each heir to pay equal propertion of my debts and legacies, and all expenses that may arise, which will hereinafter follow by my will.”

  • Desires a head and foot stone to be affixed to his former wife’s grave and to the graves of his deceased children, Sarah Winn, Abiel [or Abial] Winn, and the Revd. Thomas S. Winn, and expense to be equally by his heirs.

  • Gives to his wife “the wench called Black Nelly, and the fellow Bob” plus one horse and chair, a gig, and the tract of land on Newport, on the ?Cross? Swamp, which was bought by her former husband, Mr. Charles Carter from Mr. Dunham, containing one hundred acres more or less in lieu of her dower.

  • Gives to his son John Winn, daughter Anna Fleming, daughter Mary Bacon, and son Peter Farley Winn the 250-acre tract of land in Effingham County, formerly St. Matthew’s Parish, surveyed by Mr. Jos. Clay, executor of Benj. Farley Senr. And fifty acres adjoining the above, purchased by Mr. Clay from one Johnson for Benj. & Mary Farley. “The above tracts are on the Big Bay.” Also gives them the half of a five hundred acre tract, on Satilla River, former St. David’s Parish, now County of Camden, granted to Joseph Clay and Wm. Gibbons in trust for Benj. And Mary Farley, adjoining lands of the estate of the Revd. [?? Tuberbillo ??], and one lot, no. 7019 in Savannah, St. Gaul’s Yamacraw, which was bought by old Mr. Farley from the Revd. Mr. Tubly.

  • Widow shall have use of his dwelling house and as much land as she needs to work her hands upon, plus household furniture, as long as she is his widow.

  • Remainder of property, both real and personal, including “three negroes, with their issue, which I have loaned to my children as above mentioned,” shall be equally divided between his wife and children John Winn, Anna Fleming, Mary Bacon, Peter Farley Winn, Eliza S. Stevens, Washington Winn, Ann Oswald Winn, to them and the heirs begotten of their body. If any of the children die without issue, their share returns to surviving children or grandchildren.

  • Leaves his lands and houses on the Colonel’s Island to the use of his widow and such children as may want to occupy them during the summer and fall months.

  • Right in Midway Meeting House to be divided between his widow and all of his children.

Executors: His wife, son John Winn, Oliver Stevens, nephew Thomas Bacon, friend Richard S. Baker.

Date Signed: 24 February 1819

Witnesses: Uriah Wilcox, William H. Mell, Benjamin Mell Jun.

Probated by Uriah Wilcox on 1 March 1824.

Recorded 10 March 1824.

See original will at:

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