Liberty County Will – William Osgood

African-Americans Mentioned: Mentioned but not named
Slaveholder: William Osgood
Year: 1824
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: William Osgood, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • Leaves all his property to Andrew Osgood Fraser, unless he [the testator] is married when he dies, in which case, he gives him all the property that he received from his [Andrew’s] mother, Mary Ann Fraser, with the rest going to his wife. If he has both children and wife, it shall be divided equally among them, except his lands, which are to go to his children.

  • If he dies without wife or children, and Andrew Osgood Fraser dies without wife or children, he wishes all his property kept together and “after the support of the negroes, the net proceeds of the crops to be applied to the support of missionaries, and other religious causes. I wish my negroes well treated.”

Executors: “my much esteemed friends” William Q. Baker, Jos. Norman & George W. Walthour

Date signed: 1 November 1824

Witnesses: R. Osgood, Joseph Norman, E. Baker

Probated by Elijah Baker on 1 May 1826

Recorded 2 May 1826

See original will at:

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