Liberty County Will – Daniel Stewart

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Bob
Slaveholder: Daniel Stewart
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Daniel Stewart, planter, Liberty County, State of Georgia


    • To my dear wife Sarah all the property which she brought me when married, except such as has been sold or died, with the increase of the females, to her and her assigns forever.” Also gives her his household furniture during her life, reverting to the estate at her death except whatever she gives away. She also receives his four wheeled carriage, with the horses now belonging to it, to her and her assigns forever, as well as one half of his cattle and sheep, and all plantation tools, waggon, cart, ploughs, etc. Also one half of “such monies as may arise from the present crop, after all my just debts are finally paid.”

    • It is my intention and wish that the whole of my landed estate remain for the use of my dear wife during her natural life; and she is hereby authorized to occupy any part of the same unmolested; but at her death to be my estate for the benefit of my children or grandchildren, as the case may be.”

    • I also give my dear wife my cooper fellow Bob, because I got him in an exchange for a fellow of estate of Jesse Hines. “

    • No part of corn provisions is to be taken from the plantation, unless by consent of my wife.”

    • Remainder of his property to be given to children and grandchildren by dividing it into four equal parts, as follows:

      • One part to his grandchildren Daniel, Sarah & Ripley, children of his deceased son John, to them and their heirs and assigns forever.

      • One part to his grandchildren who are the children of Col. Josiah Wilson, jointly, to them, their heirs and assigns forever, “provided nevertheless, my daughter Mary to have the use of this little pittance during her life.”

      • One part to his son Daniel M. Stewart, together with his gold watch, to him, his heirs and assigns forever.

      • Last part to his daughter Mrs. Martha Elliott for her own use, to her and her assigns forever.

    • My landed estate, with any other species of property, which may hereafter become (after the death of my wife) my estate, are to be distributed and divided in and among my children & grandchildren in an equal manner, by four dividens, as specified already.”

Executors: wife Sarah, friend Charlton Hines, son-in-law Col. Josiah Wilson, son Daniel M. Stewart.

Date signed: 23 December 1828

Witnesses: Uriah Wilcox, B.A. Busby, David Stetson

Probated by David Stetson on 1 June 1829

Recorded 9 July 1829

See original will at:

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