Liberty County Will – Drusilla Lewis

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Cinda, Dinah, Isaac, Lucy, Prince, Long Tenah
Slaveholder: Drusilla Lewis
Year: 1829
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Drusilla Lewis, widow, planter, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • To son William ?I? Way “the following named negro slaves: Isaac, his wife Dinah, and their child Prince.”

  • To daughter Susan S. Russell, wife of Edward Russell, “the following named negro slaves: Tenah, known as Long Tenah, her child, and my negro girl Cinda.”

  • I give the cream horse which I purchased from Mr. D. Stetson to the estate of Samuel Lewis, my late husband, under the same restrictions as the property bequeathed me during my natural life.”

  • Balance of estate, both real and personal, goes to children William ?I? Way, Susan S. Russell, Sarah H. Lewis, Mary E. Lewis, Ann D. Lewis and Caroline R. Lewis, to be equally divided between them, share and share alike.

  • Directs that the whole of her estate, both real and personal, shall be kept together until all debts are paid, then the net proceeds to be added to the funds of the estate of her late husband, Samuel Lewis, until all the debts of that estate are paid. After the settlement of both estates’ debts “then continued until a fund is raised sufficient to purchase a negro girl between sixteen or seventeen years of age, likely, or such a one as my brother Charlton Hines may think proper, which negro girl I give and bequeath unto my grandson Samuel Lewis Russell, son of Edward and Susan Russell, to him and his children forever.”

  • It is my wish that my negro woman Lucy have a choice which of my children she would prefer living with, and I request the one which she chooses will take her, at the division of my estate, at the appraised value.”

  • Wants her executors to build suitable monuments over the graves of her husband and children at the expense of her estate.

Executors: William ?I? Way, brothers Charlton Hines & Lewis Hines, and friend William N. Way

Date signed: 3 August 1829

Witnesses: E.W. Russell, James Russell

Probated by Edward W. Russell on 21 September 1829

See original will at:

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