Liberty County Will – Elizabeth Walthour

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Kate, Luck, Ned, Sue
Slaveholder: Elizabeth Walthour
Year: 1829
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Elizabeth Walthour, widow of and relict of Andrew Walthour Esquire, deceased, Liberty County, State of Georgia

[Begin Transcript]

Court of Ordinary 4 January 1830

A paper, purporting to be the last will and testament of Elizabeth Walthour deceased, was exhibited to this Court. The Clerk objected to the admission to record of the second item of said paper as, in his opinion, illegal; it appearing to said Clerk, that the testatrix intended to allow time to the slave Sue contrary to the laws of our State. Overruled, and after the probate of the same by John Dunwody Esq. ordered to be admitted to record.

Extract from the minutes

E. Baker Clk}

[End Transcript]


  • I give and bequeath to my dear and beloved sister, Margaret Lawrence, my faithful servant named Sue, upon condition that she my said sister Margaret, her heirs and assigns, will only require from my said servant Sue three dollars per month; and should the said Sue become superannuated, a life sum for her labour, and to be humanely & kindly treated.”

  • To sister Margaret Lawrence “another servant named Kate, to be at her disposal, her heirs and assigns.”

  • To niece Sarah Shaffer her gold watch and charm, “also a negro man named Ned, to her & to her heirs and assigns.”

  • To “dear friend and daughter in law” Mrs. Sarah McConnell her carriage and horses, the carriage and harness to be repaired and put in complete order at the expense of her estate.

  • To daughter in law Sarah McConnell “my trusty servant named Luck, as a carriage driver and house servant, upon condition that she the said Sarah will pay to my heirs the sum of three dollars per month and the said servant to be treated in the same manner as I treated him. The above, say three dollars, to be paid monthly, or yearly, by the said Sarah, her heirs and assigns, whilst the said Luck lives & and is useful to the said Sarah.”

  • To sister Margaret Lawrence twelve hundred dollars, to be paid by executors to her either in cash or through the purchase of bank stock or other property, leaving that option to her executor.

  • To sister Mary Shaffer, gives bedding, household furniture, and the rest of her estate.

Executors: Joseph Jones

Date signed: 26 October 1829

Witnesses: Mary Jones, John Dunwody

Probated by John Dunwody on 4 January 1830

Recorded 22 January 1830

See original will at:

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