Liberty County Will – Hardy Deloach

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Austin, Sary
Slaveholder: Hardy Deloach
Year: 1828
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Hardy Deloach, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • To eldest daughter Rachel Howard’s children “eight cows and calves.”

  • To daughter Sarah Ann Way “eight cows and calves.”

  • To daughter Linsey Davies’ children, “eight cows and calves.”

  • To “beloved wife Mary Deloach all the remaining part of my property, both real and personal, consisting of two negroes, Austin and Sary, three horses, the remainder of all my cattle, hogs, lands, house [or houses], and household & kitchen furniture, to her use during her natural life.”

Executors: None named

Date signed: 18 November 1828

Witnesses: Thos. [Thomas] Bacon Sen., Augustine Sylvester, Robert J. Wheeler

Probated by Thomas Bacon Sen. on 5 January 1829

Recorded 19 January 1829

See original will at:

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