Liberty County Will – Lydia Taliaferro

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Jim
Slaveholder: Lydia Taliaferro
Year: 1823
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Lydia Taliaferro, Tattnall County, State of Georgia


To daughter Sarah Jones, “with whom I now live, I give the use of all the property which I may be possessed of at this place; viz. one negro fellow named Jim, one black horse, together with my clothing, furniture, etc, for her to keep in possession during her natural life, and to have the free use of said property for her own individual use and support, and at her decease said property to be given to her offspring, if any she have, and if she should die, leaving no offspring, said property is at her decease to be equally divided among my other three children, Benjamin, Lydia & Mary.”

“I wish to be understood, that said property is to be disposed of for no other purpose but for the support, and at the request, of my said daughter Sarah Jones.”

“And whereas there are sundry debts, for money lent, etc, due me, and a suit depending respecting the estate of my last husband, it is my desire that all money which may hereafter be collected for me, or on my account, from said debtors, and also all monies that may be obtained from the said estate, shall be equally divided among my four children, Benjamin, Lydia, Mary & Sarah.”

Executors: Matthew Jones, William Whidden

Date signed: 8 December 1823

Witnesses: Isham Peacock, James Barnard, Loring (?) D. Reynolds

Probated by Isham Peacock on 8 July 1829.

Recorded 9 July 1829

See original will at:

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