Liberty County Will – Sarah Stewart

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Old Affy, Amey, Bella, Eliza, Hannah, Harry, Jack, Jenny, Lancaster [2], London, Lucy, Marriah, Mike, Pluto, Stephen, Big Sylvia, Sylvia
Slaveholder: Sarah Stewart
Year: 1829
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Sarah Stewart, Liberty County, State of Georgia

[Begin Transcript]

Court of Ordinary, 4 January 1830

The last will and testament of Sarah Stewart, deceased, proved on the 19th of October 1829 by the affidavit of Raymond Harris was exhibited to the Court for examination. The Clerk requested the particular attention of the Court to the three first items in said instrument, expressing his doubts whether they did not tend in some degree to the manumission of the slaves therein named.

Ordered that the two first items in said instrument be disallowed, and the third, together with the remainer of said instrument be admitted to record.

Extract from the minutes

E. Baker blk.

October 5th, 1829. Memorandum of the last will and testament of Mrs. Sarah Stewart, who being in sound mind, but unable to converse much, did declare the following.

  1. Harry, carpenter, under control of same person [Charlton Hines], and to pay ten dollars per month, for the benefit of the Sunday School of Walthourville.

  2. Sylvia and her three children I wish to be given to Mrs. Martha Elliott, her and her three children by Mr. John Elliott, with my particular request that she be ever treated with particular care and kindness.

  3. I give Marriah to my niece Harriet H. Lewis, her and her heirs forever.

  4. I give Bella to my niece Mary Eliza Lewis, to her and her heirs forever.

  5. I give the girl Eliza to Ann Drusilla Lewis, her and her heirs forever.

  6. I give the girl Lucy to Caroline Lewis, to her and her heirs forever.

  7. I give two hundred dollars, to be used in the purchase of a watch and chain, for my brother C. Hines.

  8. I give Jenny and Stephen in trust to my brother Charlton, for the use and benefit of my brother David Hines during his natural life, and at his death to be sold and divided among his children.

  9. I give to my niece Eliza my chest of drawers & glass & other appurtenances, now at Tranquil, together with my hexagon quilt.

  10. All the other quilts to be equally divided amongst the children of the late Samuel Lewis. I give each of the children of Saml. Lewis a bed and mattress.

  11. All my plate I wish equally divided between my nieces Harriet and Eliza Lewis.

  12. I give to my brother William, Lancaster, Amey, and her children Lancaster and Prince, Old Affy and Hannah, to him and his heirs forever.

  13. To my brother Charlton Hines, I give Jack and his brother London, to him his heirs and assigns forever.

  14. I give to Wm. I [or J] Way young Pluto, to him and his heirs forever.

  15. I give to my niece Susan Russell, and her children Big Sylvia and her son Mike and her infant.

  16. All the residue of my estate, I leave to be taken in charge of my brother Charlton, to be worked by him, and the avails to be appropriated to benevolent and charitable objects.

  17. I give my watch to my niece Harriet Lewis.

Witnesses: R. Harris, John Dunwody

Probated by Raymond Harris on 19 October 1829.

Recorded 23 January 1830.

See original will at:

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