Liberty County Will – Andrew Maybank

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Abram, Agrippa, Andrew [2], ?Anson?, Bella, Binah, Charity, Charles, Clara, Cora, Cudjoe, Delia, Dinah, Ella, Elvira, Fanny, George, Gilbert, Harriet, Harry, Jack, Jacob [2], John, Kate, Mary, Moll, Nancy, Nat, Niger, Phillis, Primus, Prince, Rachel, Sally, Sandy, Sary, Silvia, Solomon, Sue, Titus
Slaveholder: Andrew Maybank
Year: 1834
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

[Will Summary]

Testator: Andrew Maybank, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • Wants all the money in his desk, six hundred and eighty dollars, including all the money in the hands of R. & W. King, factors in Savannah, eleven hundred dollars, to be put into stock in the State Bank, Savannah, as well as the proceeds of the sale of his Midway lands into stock in the same bank as a fund, from which the “the interest to be applied to distribution of the Tract cause abroad, as also the missionary for the same purpose.” This fund will be at the disposal of Revd. Robert Quarterman and Revd. C.C. Jones, as his agents; if either should die, others to be appointed by the Court of Ordinary of the County.

  • To Mrs. Susan Mary Maxwell’s two children, Laura and Charles Edward, “the following negroes, viz. Clara & Jacob, and their children, Sary, Moll, Elvira, Jacob and Rachel; also Bella & Primus, and their children, as follow: Abram, John and Nat, and their issue, to them and their heirs forever also.”

  • Gives to Revd. C.C. Jones and Mary Jones, and their children, “the following property, viz. All my lands on Colonel’s Island, consisting of three several tracts, as the plats will more fully show. Also the following negros, Fanny & Prince, and their children, Agrippa, Titus, Phillis and Niger; also driver Andrew and his wife Mary & their children, viz. Charles, Sylvia, Gilbert, Dinah, George and Delia. Also to them and their heirs forever, with their issue. Also my carpenter Sandy, to them and their heirs.”

  • Gives to Capt. Jones’ son his Bulltown lands, with “the following negros, Sue and her child ?Anson?, Sally and her boy Jack, with their issue, to the said Maybank Jones forever.”

  • Gives to “my worthy friend Revd. R. Quarterman, the following negroes, Harriet and her child Ella; also Binah and her children, Charity and Nancy; also Cudjoe, a prime young fellow, to him and his heirs forever.”

  • Gives to Miss Mary Roberts “my fellow Andrew, and to Miss Louisa Roberts my fellow Harry, to them and their heirs forever.”

  • Gives to Mrs. ?Jennah? Stevens “my two negroes Kate, a good house servant, and fellow Solomon.

  • Gives to Revd. C.C. Jones “my servant Cora and her children…to dispose of as he thinks proper.”

  • Balance of his property to be sold and retained as a fund for the Georgia and South Carolina Theological Institution.

    Executors: Revd. C.C. Jones, Revd. R. Quarterman, Col. Joseph Quarterman, Henry Stevens

    Date signed: 13 January 1834

    Witnesses: Charles West, Joab Ferris [or Terris], Edwd H. Bond

    Probated by Edward H. Bond on 27 January 1834

    Recorded 8 March 1834

    See original will at:

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