Liberty County Will – Ann Winn

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Abram, Bacchus, Bob, Fancy, General, Murriah, Ned, Phillis, Sophia, Tom, Will
Slaveholder: Ann Winn
Year: 1834
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

[Will Summary]

Testator: Ann Winn, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • Gives her horse and gig to her daughter, Eliza S. Stevens, to her and her heirs forever.

  • Wishes her furniture and books to be divided equally between her daughter Eliza S. Stevens and her son Washington Winn.

  • My negroes, the following by name, Bob, Sophia, ? Fancy ?, Abram, General, Will, Ned, Tom, Bacchus, Murriah, Phillis, and Phillis’s children, together with the issue of the females, I wish to be divided into three equal lots, one to each of my children, Eliza S. Stevens, Washington Winn & Ann O. Ripley. The negroes composing the lot drawn for Ann O. Ripley, I wish my executors to sell for cash, and the money arising therefrom to be paid over to the said Ann O. Ripley, to be hers and her heirs’ forever.” The negroes composing the other two each, I give and bequeath to my daughter Eliza S. Stevens and Washington Winn, to them and their heirs forever.”

  • Gives to her daughter Ann O. Ripley her set of silver table spoons.

Executors: Son in law Oliver Stevens, friend William B. Fleming

Date signed: 21 August 1834

Witnesses: Saml [Samuel] S. Law, Jeremiah Baker

Probated by the Reverend Samuel S. Law on 2 March 1835.

Recorded 5 March 1835

See original will at:

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