Liberty County Will – Charles T. Hart

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Abigail, George, Harry, Isabella, Old Jenny, Young Jenny, Old Joe, Jonas, Molly, Moses, Peter, Patience, Patty, Philip, Stepney, William
Slaveholder: Charles T. Hart
Year: 1834
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

[Will Summary]

Testator: Charles T. Hart, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • Wants to be buried at the Retreat in Bryan County “upon the spot of ground where my sister is now buried, leaving space sufficient to bury my beloved mother between our graves, it being her wish.”

  • After debts are paid, wants his property, both real and personal, to be kept together and managed by his executors for the mutual advantage of his wife, Ann C. Hart, and his daughter, Helen M. Hart.

  • When his daughter marries, he wants his estate to be divided between his daughter and wife, as follows:

    • The following negroes I give to my wife, Old Joe & his wife Old Jenny; Moses & his wife Patty & her infant child; Young Jenny & her two children, Patience & Harry; Molly and her two children, William & an infant child; Philip & Jonas, making thirteen slaves, together with the future increase of the females.

    • I give to my said daughter the balance of my slaves, viz. Abigail and her infant child; Isabella, Stepney, George and Peter, making six slaves, with the future increase of the females.”

  • Gives to wife Ann C. Hart his plantation situated on Colonel’s Island, to her and her heirs forever.

  • If his executors purchase any additions to his estate, that is to be equally divided between his wife and daughter upon his daughter’s marriage.

  • Wishes his executors to sell the land drawn by him in the last Land and Gold Lottery of this State, as well as all lands that he may own or have an interest in within the State of South Carolina. The proceeds are to be applied to the benefit of his wife and daughter, as is the proceeds of his present crop of cotton.

  • I give to my wife and daughter, for their own use and benefit the rest and residue of my personal property, such as goods, chattels, notes and accounts, and all other property not herein before mentioned, which I wish my executors to apply in such manner as they think best.

  • Wants $50 per year given by his executors toward the education of his wife’s sister, Fanny B. Dunham, until she reaches the age of 15, and to be discontinued when his daughter Helen M. Hart marries.

  • Should it be necessary or expedient to dispose of any of my negroes, either for the purpose of paying my debts, support my family, or to be replaced to better and more faithful servants, I desire that Isabella, George and Peter be first disposed of.”

    Executors: Brother O.W. Hart, and two friends Joseph Jones and George W. Dunham, who are to have authority to dispose of any part of his property without going through the court.

    Date signed: 30 March 1834

    Witnesses: Jos. [Joseph] E. Maxwell, Oliver Stevens, James O. Screven

    Probated by Oliver Stevens on 5 May 1834.

    Recorded 9 May 1834.

    See original will at:

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