Liberty County Will – Dorcas Lines

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Cato, Charles, Derry, Die [or Dee?] Grace, Hagar, Harry, June, Kate, Moses, Murriah, Nan, Nancy, Peggy, Richard, Rose, Ruth, Stepney, William
Slaveholder: Dorcas Lines
Year: 1833
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Dorcas Lines, widow, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • First, the following negroes, to wit, June, Nancy, William, Moses, Charles, Grace, Murriah, Derry, Kate, Die, Stepney, Harry, Hagar, Richard, Ruth, Cato, Peggy, Nan & Rose, making in the whole nineteen, with their future issue & increase of the females, I give & bequeath to my present grandchildren and any others that may be born in wedlock, to them & to their survivor and survivors; my son Samuel J. Lines to have a joint use of the profits & Labour of said negroes during his life time; & the same not to be subject to any of his debts or contracts whatever, either now existing or hereafter to be contracted by him my said son.”

  • Her plantation, containing 477 ½ acres, situated on Salters’ Creek and adjoining lands of Samuel Stevens, P. F. Winn, Joseph Austin, and the Glebe, she gives to her present grandchildren and any others that may be born in wedlock. Her son Samuel J. Lines is given the the privilege of planting it and joint use of it, during his lifetime, not subject to any of his debts or contracts.

  • Her two lots in Sunbury, one improved, where she lives now, and one unimproved, she gives to her daughter in law, Mrs. Caroline S. Lines, to be used as a home during her lifetime, and then to her grandchildren.

  • Her household and kitchen furniture, beds & bedding, stock of all kinds, plate, and the rest of her estate, she gives to her grandchildren, her son Samuel, and daughter in law for their joint use.

  • Gives fifty dollars to the Sunbury Baptist Church, and another fifty dollars to the Newport Baptist Church, to be paid within six months after her death.

    Executors: son Samuel J. Lines, “two trusty friends” Messrs. Quarterman Baker & Thomas Quarterman

    Witnesses: Oliver Stevens, Saml S. Law, Jos. Jones

    Date signed: 13 November 1833

    Recorded 10 March 1834

    See original will at:

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