Liberty County Will – Elizabeth Quarterman

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Charles, Jenny, Patty, Rose
Slaveholder: Elizabeth Quarterman
Year: 1830
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

[Will Summary]

Testator: Elizabeth Quarterman, widow, Liberty County, State of Georgia


    • To daughter Lydia Laing during her natural life “my negro slave Charles” and at her death to the children of her deceased daughter Ann Andrews.

    • To the children of her deceased daughter Rebecca Quarterman “my negro woman slave Jenny, and her future issue.”

    • To granddaughter Lydia Quarterman Andrews “my negro slaves Rose and Patty, and their future issue.”

Date signed: 2 December 1830

Witnesses: W.Q. Baker

Probated by William Q. Baker on 13 January 1834

Codicil added on 20 January 1833:

[Begin transcript]

My dearly beloved and only daughter. Being so very infirm and so far advanced in years, and as I wish no one but yourself, and those concerned to be troubled with the small mite I have, I will in few words, let you know what I wish and hope you may not think me partial nor unjust. In a will, written some time since, I gave you Charles, but I hope the time is not far distant when you will have enough to support you comfortable and Lydia Q. Andrews [being] in indigent circumstances, and the one left her not likely to be of any service, I have thought best to give her Charles. In the first place, I entreat you, act a mother’s part to Lydia. Counsel, advise and direct her; and if agreeable, keep her with you. I commit her to God and yourself. Next, I give you, Lydia Laing, the best family Bible, and that part of land I hold on the plantation I formerly lived, being thirty three acres, also my teaspoons. Next, I give Robert ?T? Quarterman the largest trunk, one feather bed and pillows with one quilt, pair of sheets, and two blankets. Next I give Lydia Q. Andrews my boy Charles, my horse and gig, with the remaining part of my furniture. Also my claim in the Land Lottery. Next, as I know of no debt, what money remains, divide between yourself, Lydia Andrews and Robert ?T? Quarterman. I beg there may be no hard thoughts or disturbance, and that you may all consider this as much my will as the one written by Mr. Baker.

And now, my dear children, farewell. Live in love, and serve God faithfully, who, I know, is able to keep and guide you. I commit you to him, and pray that we may all have a happy meeting in the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father, where we shall separate no more. Finally, my dear children, adieu, and may the God of peace be with you.

[End Transcript]

Probated by William Q. Baker on 13 January 1834

Recorded 6 March 1834

See original will at:

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