Liberty County Will – John C. Broughton

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Absalom, Betty, Frank, Harriet, Jacob, John, March, Sheba
Slaveholder: John C. Broughton
Year: 1830
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

[Will Summary]

Testator: John C. Broughton, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • Item 1st. I leave my servant Harriet’s three children, Frank, John and Sheba after arriving to the age of fourteen years to the Charity School in Savannah. John is to remain with Mrs. Lydia Broughton five years. Sheba will also be & remain with Mrs. Lydia Broughton ten years.”

  • Item 2d. I leave my servants Harriet and her child Absalom, and Betty the mother of Harriet, to my daughter Elizabeth Broughton, to her and her heirs forever.”

  • Item 3d. I bequeath and give to my sister Ann Baker my negro fellow March, to her and the heirs of her body forever.”

  • Item 4. I give to my brother Elijah Broughton my lot of land known by the name of Bull Island and also my servant man Jacob to him and his heirs forever.”

  • Item 5. I leave a note of hand against Mr. Nathaniel Law (now in my possession) together with the rent of my Bull Island, for the support of my mother; but should she die before this money is appropriated to her use (which rent will amount to one hundred and fifty dollars) then all such money to be divided equally between Mrs. Ann Baker, Hester Liles, William and Robert Sallens.”

  • I leave Major A. Maybank my particular agent for and in behalf of my mother, for the purpose of appropriating the money, as above stated, to her use in procuring necessaries for her.”

Witnesses: A. Maybank

Date signed: 2 December 1830

Probated by Major Andrew Maybank on 7 March 1831

Recorded 11 March 1831

See original will at:

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