Liberty County Will – Mary Ann Ladson

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Adeline, Affy, Old Elsey, Hester, Jacob, Lydia, Mariah, Nancy, Sary
Slaveholder: Mary Ann Ladson
Year: 1834
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

[Will Summary]

Testator: Mary Ann Ladson, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • Gives to granddaughter Frances A. Baker, and to her heirs forever, “my negro woman named Melissa, and her daughter Georgianna, together with their future issue.”

  • Gives all the remainder of her property or estate, after payment of her just debts, as follows:

  • Gives to friends John Dunwody and John O. Baker, in trust for her grandchildren by her son William F. Ladson, “the following negroes, viz. Jacob, Sary, Affy, Hester, Lydia, Adeline and Mariah, together with such other negro or negroes as I may hereafter purchase and add to my property, in the place of the woman Nancy whom I have sold & together with their future issue, in the following manner; viz. It is my wish that the above negro property be employed as my friends above named shall deem best, and the net proceeds applied to the maintenance and support of said children, in common, until the boys shall successively arrive at the age of seventeen; and as each boy arrives at that age, his claim to support from the above property shall cease; and when the youngest shall have reached the age of seventeen, then, that the above property be equally divided between the female children, to them, and to their heirs forever.”

  • Gives one half of the remainder of her property to John Dunwody and John O. Baker in trust for her granddaughter Rosina L. Minton, and wishes that they, Dunwody and Baker, have full control of that one half of her property, along with the increase and annual income, during Rosina L. Minton’s marriage with Marriage [I or J] Minton, and at his death, it shall be equally divided between Rosina and her children. If she dies first, then the property shall be equally divided between her children.

  • Leaves the other one half of her property to her granddaughter Sarah D. Fabian.

  • I leave my faithful & trusty servant, Old Elsey, in charge of my friends John O. Baker & Frances A. Baker his wife.

    Executors: friends John Dunwody and John O. Baker.

    Date signed: 7 June 1834

    Witnesses: Geo. [George] W. Walthour, William B. Fleming, Wm. [William] J. Way

    This codicil to my last will & testament sheweth, that in consequence of the death of one of my granddaughters by my son William F. Ladson, it is my wish that the money accruing from the sale of Nancy, above named, be given to my granddaughter Rosina L. Minton. In witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this fourteenth March 1835.”

    Witnesses: E.R. Harford, Wm. J. Way

    Probated by William J. Way on 4 May 1835

    Recorded 7 May 1835

    See original will at:

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