Liberty County Will – Moses W. Way

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Betty, Celia, Clarissa, Hetty, Jacob, Jane, Jim, Linda, Lucy, Marlborough, Nancy, Prince, Simon, Will,
Slaveholder: Moses W. Way
Year: 1828
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

[Will Summary]

Testator: Moses W. Way, planter, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • I wish all my lawful debts paid, and my negroes well fed and clothed.”

  • I leave my property in the care of my brother Thomas G. Way and my esteemed friends Joseph Bacon and Thos. [Thomas] W. Bacon, as executors to my will in whose care I leave my property and business, to be managed according to their wisdom for the only use and benefit of my wife, and children, until they become of age to act for themselves, at which time they shall take possession of their part of the property as I shall hereafter mention. “

  • Item 1st. I give and bequeath to my son Edmund Bacon Way the following negroes, viz. Will, Jacob, Jim, Marlborough, Lucy, Betty and her children Nancy, Simon and Prince, Jane and her children Celia & Clarissa, Hetty and her child Linda, with their future issue and increase, together with the following tracts of land, to wit, a tract of land containing two hundred acres, more or less, in the County and State aforesaid, lying near the Altamaha Swamp, bounded Southerly by a tract of land belonging to Eugene Bacon, and on the other side, by vacant land when surveyed. Also another tract containing fourteen and a half acres in said County, bounded on the North by a tract of land belonging to Jos. F. McGowen (former Richard Norman) on the East by W.H. Bacon, on the South by Estate Thomas Bacon Sen. And on the West by a tract of land owned by myself, which I purchased from Robt. J. Wheeler. Also all the cattle in his mark. All the property included in the above item, to wit, Item 1st, both personal and real, I give and bequeath to my son Edmund Bacon Way, to be his and at his disposal at twenty one years of age. “

  • Item 2d. The balance of my property, both personal and real, I leave to my wife Elizabeth, and the children I now have, or may have by her, to be equally divided among them.”

  • Item 3d. Each of my children shall claim the cattle which I have marked for them, and those cattle shall be consided as no part of my estate.”

Date signed: 16 November 1828

Witnesses: W. [William] B. Fleming, Wm. [William] J. Way, David Stetson

Probated by David Stetson on 7 March 1831

Recorded 11 March 1831

See original will at:

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