Liberty County Will – Elijah Baker

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Mentioned but not named
Slaveholder: Elijah Baker
Year: 1838
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Testator: Elijah Baker, Liberty County, State of Georgia

[Will Transcript]

I Elijah Baker do make my last will and testament in the following manner. I give and bequeath to my wife Mary Baker the sum of two hundred dollars in lieu of her dower. I also give and bequeath to my said wife all my personal estate except my negro slaves to her her heirs & assigns forever.

I give to my son William Q. Baker & to his heirs and assigns all my real estate and all my negro slaves – my wife to be entitled during her natural life to one half of the neat proceeds of the labour or hire of those slaves after deducting therefrom her proportion of expenses arising from maintenance & so forth.

It is my will that my wife may continue to reside at Walthourville as long as she may choose to do so.

Should I depart this life with cash on hand to the amount of three hundred dollars or more let the same be equally divided between my wife and my son. If the sum be less than three hundred dollars my wife must have it.

[End Transcript]

Executor: son William Q. Baker

Date signed: 5 June 1838

Witnesses: R. S. Leonard, Jas. S. McCullough, Daniel Heidt

Codicil: “By the above bequest of personal property to my wife Mary Baker is meant only such property as is contained in my dwelling house and out houses at Walthourville together with my horse and gig to which I now add such neat cattle as I may be possessed and half of my sheep. The remainder of my personal property if any there be I give to my son William Q. Baker. “

Witnesses: R.S. Leonard, E. Stacy

Probated by James S. McCullough on 6 January 1840

Codicil probated by Ezra Stacy on 6 January 1840

Recorded 7 February 1840

See original will at:

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