Liberty County Will – Eliza Winn

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Peggy, Mariah
Slaveholder: Eliza Winn
Year: Probated in 1850
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Eliza Winn, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • 1. Desires her body to be buried in a decent and Christian-like manner;

  • 2. Directs that all her just debts be paid without delay by her executors;

  • 3. Directs that “a neat & appropriate” tomb stone be purchased & erected over the grave of her deceased son Peter Winn;

  • 4. Gives to her niece Mrs. Susan W. Fleming a legacy of fifty dollars for her individual use and benefit;

  • 5. Gives to her grand niece Sarah Wilson Way her best bureau or chest of drawers, her ottoman, and fifty dollars for her individual use and benefit;

  • 6. Gives to her daughter-in-law Mrs. Margaret Winn one hundred dollars for her individual use and benefit;

  • 7. Gives to her daughter Mrs. Sarah Stacy & to her daughters in law Mrs. Eliza R. ?. Winn, Mrs. Mary J. Winn, Mrs. Louisa Winn & Mrs. Mary F. S. Winn twenty dollars each for their individual use and benefit;

  • 8. Gives to her grand daughter Mary Tellula [alt: Tallulah] Cassels her next best bureau or chest of drawers “one half of which is now owned by the Minor of Q. Way which half I wish purchased at the expense of my estate & given to my grand daughter Mary Tellula Cassels.”

  • 9. Gives to her son J. Wilson Winn “my cook Peggy and wish in consequence of her age and infirmity that two days in every week be allowed her for her own use and services.”

  • 10. Directs that her entire interest and claim on land in the State of Missouri be sold, and she gives six-sevenths of the net amount of the sales of these lands to her sons J.W. Winn, John Winn, W.W. Winn, L.S. Winn, her son-in-law Mr. Ezra Stacy and her daughter-in-law Mrs. Margaret Winn, each to take a seventh. The remaining one-sevenths goes to her four grandchildren, Eliza Cassells, Samuel Cassells, Walker Cassells and Mary Tellula Cassels, equally. [NOTE: Sometimes Cassells is spelled with two l’s and sometimes with one.]

  • 11. The rest of her property, both real and personal, whatever and wherever it may be, she gives to her sons J. Wilson Winn, John Winn, W.W. Winn, L.S. Winn, son-in-law Mr. Ezra Stacy and granddaughter Mary Tellula Cassels, equally. Appoints “my worthy friend” Mr. W.Q. Baker and her sons J. Wilson Winn and Wm. W. Winn to be trustees of all the property bequeathed to granddaughter Mary Tellula Cassels.

  • 12. Gives to her granddaughter Eliza Cassells two hundred dollars, and to her grandsons Samuel Cassels & Walker Cassels one hundred dollars each to be paid as soon as they turn 18 by the named trustees, that is, William Q. Baker, J. Wilson Winn and William W. Winn out of the one-sixth portion of her estate given to Mary Tellula Cassels.

  • 13. The trustees of her granddaughter Mary Tellula Cassels shall have the entire control and management of her proprety and that they keep it within the limits of this county and apply the annual and net income of it to her support and maintenance until she marries or turns 21.

  • 14. If her granddaughter Mary Tellula Cassels does not marry or does not reach the age of 21, this portion of the estate bequeathed to her shall revert to her surviving sisters and brothers: Eliz. Cassels, Samuel Cassels, and Walker Cassels.

  • 15. Directs that in the appraisement and division of her estate her “house servant Mariah be put into the lot of Mr. Ezra Stacy (that is that she be one of the number drawn by him and it is my wish that he allow her one day in every week during her natural life time fo rher own use and service.”

Executors: friend William Q. Baker and sons James Wilson Winn and William W. Winn

Date signed: [not listed]

Witnesses: Eliza S. Stevens, Robt. [Robert] Quarterman, G.W. Walthour

Probated by G.W. Walthour on 4 March 1850

Recorded on 17 May 1850.

See original will at:

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