Liberty County Will – Elizabeth Baker

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Phillis
Slaveholder: Elizabeth Baker
Year: 1837
Location: Liberty County, Georgia
Testator: Elizabeth Baker, Liberty County, State of Georgia

[Begin Transcript]

State of Georgia, Liberty County } Simon Fraser Sen., Thomas Q. Cassels and Thomas Mann, being duly sworn, depose and say, that they were called upon, on the twenty third day of December last, by Mrs. Elizabeth Baker, who was taken suddenly ill, at the house of Mrs. Harriet Mann in said County, to take notice, that she made the following disposal of her negro property: All the negroes to be first appraised, and then John W. Baker to take Phillis at her valuation, and Samuel Baker to take all the other negroes (if he should to do so) at their appraised value; the amount of the appraisement of said negroes to be so divided amongst her four children as to make each of them equal.

[End Transcript]

Date signed by the witnesses 24 April 1837

Witnesses to the swearing: E.H. Bacon, Ezra Stacy, S. Spencer

Recorded 3 May 1837

See original will at:

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