Liberty County Will – James Law

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Cinder, Jack, Tom
Slaveholder: James Law
Year: 1836
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

[Will Summary]

Testator: James Law, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • Wishes his real estate be sold and the money applied to sale of his debts.

  • If there is money left over after this, wishes that the surplus, together with the proceeds of his crop and the monies due him by note, due bill, or otherwise, be given to his brother Joseph Law and his sister Elizabeth Law, share and share alike.

  • I own in my own right three negroes, to wit, Cinder, Tom and Jack. It is my wish and desire that the said negroes be appraised by three disinterested gentlemen, cotton planters, and one half the estimated value of the said three slaves, in money, to be paid by my brother Joseph, I give and bequeath to my sister Elizabeth Law.

  • Upon the fulfillment of the foregiving provision, to wit, the payment by my brother Joseph of one half the estimated value of the said three slaves to my sister Elizabeth, I give and bequeath the said slaves, Cinder, Tom and Jack, in trust, to my brother Wm. [William] Law Esqr. to be held by him for the benefit of my brother Joseph Law. And further, it is my earnest wish and desire, that the said negroes be and continue under the immediate management and control of my said brother Joseph. But in the event of the death of my brother Joseph without issue, then and in that case, I will and bequeath the said negroes, and their future increase to my sister Elizabeth Law, her heirs and assigns forever.”

  • Wishes that his brother Joseph will pay to his brother Wm. [William] Law fifty dollars for the benefit of his brother Benjamin Law.

Executors: his brothers William and Joseph

Date signed 9 December 1836

Witnesses: B. King, J.S. Law, Jno. B. Barnard

Probated by John B. Barnard, who names as witnesses Barrington King and J.S. Law on 2 January 1837

Recorded 7 January 1837

See original will at:

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