Liberty County Will – James Moody

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Frank, March, Rachael
Slaveholder: James Moody
Year: 1843
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: James Moody, Liberty County, State of Georgia


    • Gives all of his estate, both real and personal, to his wife Rachael Moody, including the plantation he lives on now, which consists of eight hundred and fifty acres, more or less, lying in different tracts, seventy five head of stock cattle, more or less, and all his hogs, about forty head, plus “three negroe slaves, viz. Rachael, Frank & March,” all three of his horses.

    • His wife is to have the above property during her natural life or widowhood, together with his plantation tools, household & kitchen furniture, except for such property as he designates later.

    • After the death of his wife, the estate, both real and personal, is to be equally divided among his children: Nancy Moody, Elizabeth, James, Temperance, Mary Ann, John, William, Mannin [as in text, probably Manning], Isaac, Rachael, George. If any of them should die before they marry or before the property is divided, their part shall be equally divided between the other children.

    • His two sons James Moody and John Moody have already had something, which should be valued at one hundred each, and should count as such at the division, and what his daughter Temperance has had shall count as fifty [presumably dollars].

    • When each of his [other] sons marries, they shall have one horse or its value in other property, and the rest of his daughters, upon their marriage if before his wife’s death, shall have one feather bed, each valued at fifteen dollars and four cows and their calves, valued at forty dollars. These amounts are to come from their part of the estate. At his wife’s death, each child shall have enough to make up their hundred dollars each, and then all to be equally divided.

    • He wills that Jacob Howard shall have fifty “cts” [presumably cents] out of his estate, and no more.

Executor: His beloved wife Rachael Moody, son Mannin [Manning]

Date signed: 31 January 1843

Witnesses: Tarlton Knight, Mannin Moody, Mary Ann Moody

Probated by Tarlton Knight

Recorded: 15 January 1850

See original will at:

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