Liberty County Will – John Martin

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Caesar, Ben, Major, Mary, Nanny, Patty, Sal
Slaveholder: John Martin
Year: 1835
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

[Will Summary]

Testator: John Martin, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • Gives to daughter Eliza Martin “one negro girl named Patty, and six cows.”

  • Gives daughter Sarah Martin, “one negro girl by the name of Mary, and six cows.”

  • Wills that son Martin Martin should have all the expenses of his education paid out of the estate, over and above “his equal proportion of the residue of my estate; and that he receive one hundred & twenty dollars to purchase a horse and saddle.”

  • After he dies, the residue of his estate, both real and personal, is to be equally divided among all his sons and daughters, share and share alike; “and that the three slaves which I have given to my beloved son James E. Martin, viz. Caesar, Sal & increase, & Ben, and two hundred and thirty dollars advanced him; and that the two slaves which I have given to my son William G. Martin, viz. Major & Nanny, and their increase, and two hundred & thirty dollars, be produced and included in the appraisement and division of my estate.”

  • It is my will, that taking into view those advances made to my two sons, James E. and William G. that an equal division of my estate be made so far as regards my property, both real & personal, except the specified legacies to [my] son Martin, & to my two daughters; and that my sons, James E. & William G. shall take the negroes now in their possession at their appraised value.

Executors: “my friends & relations” James Laing, William H. Martin & Angus Martin

Date signed 30 October 1835

Witnesses: Robert Hendry, Enoch Daniel

Probated by Enoch Daniel on 2 January 1837

Recorded 7 January 1837

See original will at:

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