Liberty County Will – Robert Hendry

nslaved Persons Mentioned: mentioned but not named
Slaveholder: Robert Hendry
Year: 1845
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Robert Hendry, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • Beloved wife Nancy Hendry shall have the dwelling house and attached buildings where he now resides, together with the adjoining tracts of land, which are “two hundred and sixty four acres taken from tracts granted to Thomas Neal and Philip [looks like it starts with Sapp….], on which I now reside, three hundred acres granted to Jonathan Robinson, fifty acres granted to Sylvanus Robinson, twenty-five acres being part of a tract granted to Ann Robinson, two hundred acres granted to Andrew Lloyd and three hundred acres granted to John Underwood, containing in all about eleven hundred forty acres together with my carriage & cart, one horse and one mule, all my hogs and sheep and fifty head of [one word] cattle together with such household and kitchen furniture and farming utensils as she may need, and two negroes such as she may choose to be for her use and support during her life then to be divided among all my children and their descendants, so as to make an equal and final division. “

  • Gives to his two sons John A. Hendry & Enoch D. Hendry his interest in the Taylor’s Creek Mills “to be rated at one thousand dollars if it suits them to take it.”

  • Gives to his two daughters Martha A. Smith and Mary E. Hendry and his six sons Robert Allen, Little Berry [as in text, also seen as Littleberry], William Hill, George Nathan, Alfred Iverson and James Tillman the rest of his property both real and personal, share and share alike. If his sons John A. and Enoch D. choose not “to take the mill interest on the terms proposed, they may throw it into the estate and take equal shares with my other sons and daughters.”

Executors: Brother George Hendry and two sons John A. and Enoch D., and his friends Enoch Daniel and James R. Bird

Date signed: 22 November 1845

Witnesses: Eli McFail, Littleberry Daniel, Jesse Floyd [signed with his mark]

Probated by Littleberry Daniel and Jesse Floyd on 2 March 1846

Recorded 21 March 1846

See original will at:

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