Liberty County Will – Sarah Handley

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Abram, Mary, Nanny, Richmond
Slaveholder: Sarah Handley
Year: 1831
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

[Will Summary]

Testator: Sarah Handley, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • Gives to her grandson, William Cumming Handley, “three negroes, named Abram, Richmond and Mary, and the increase of Mary, and also, a tract or lot of land, lying and situated in the County of Lee in the State of Georgia, and known as Number two hundred and ninety nine [299].”

  • Gives to granddaughter Sarah Handley “a negro woman named Nanny, and her increase.”

  • Gives to her grandchildren, George W. Handley, Martha Ann Handley, Harriet Eliza Handley, William Cumming Handley, Sarah Handley, and such heirs or children as may be born of Thomas H. Handley and his wife Harriet S. Handlet, all the balance and remainder of my negroes, named Brandon, Sam and Isaac; and also, I give and bequeath to the above named children, and such as may be born as aforesaid, all my real and personal property, not herein above disposed of, to be equally divided, share and share alike, between the aforesaid named children and such as may be born as aforesaid.”

Executors: Thomas H. Handley of Leon County, Florida, and Nathaniel Law, of Liberty County, Georgia

Date signed: 27 October 1831

Witnesses: Nathanian Bryan J.P., Joseph Moore, John L. Vickers

Probated by Harriet S. Handley, who swears that she was present though not a subscribing witness, on 5 March 1838

Recorded 10 March 1838

See original will at:

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