Liberty County Will – Susannah Sanford

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: ?Jimmy?
Slaveholder: Susannah Sanford
Year: 1849
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Susannah Sanford, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • Because the following are sufficiently provided for in terms of worldly goods, she gives them her good will and hopes that the blessing of Almighty God may rest upon them: “dearly beloved daughter Sarah E. Quarterman, dearly beloved grandchildren Mary [looks like Jane Stenny], Rebecca Winn, W. S. Norman and Sarah J. Norman, Alexander Quarterman, Augusta Quarterman, Claudia Quarterman and Axson Quarterman, and my daughter Margaret Stafford and her children [unnamed]”

  • Leaves all of her estate, both real and personal, after payment of her funeral expenses and honest debts, to her grandchild Joshua Jesse Stafford, son of Edmund B. and Margaret Stafford of Lowndes County, as her sole heir.

  • Wills that her “negro man ? Jimmy ? be valued by three disinterested men, and then be permitted to “find” his master, and that his purchase money along with the purchase money arising from the sale of all the rest of her goods and chattels be “loaned and at interest and that this interest be appropriated” to the schooling of her “aforesaid sole heir and adopted son” until he turns 21, at which time he shall receive the principal with the condition that he take the name Joshua Jesse Sanford.

  • It is my will also that the aforesaid money be loaned in this county, and that my Executor go and bring my aforesaid grand child and adopted son Joshua Jesse From his father’s house in Lowndes County Georgia and set him to school in this county and attend to his classical and religious education.

  • If her grandchild Joshua Jesse dies without children or before he turns 21, then she gives the property that was left to him to her executor and his successors in office in trust for the maintenance and education of her grandchildren who might be in need and worthy, at her executor’s discretion.

Executor: Her late husband’s and son’s friend Mr. Charlton Hines

Date signed: 26 January 1849

Witnesses: Susan L Norman, W. S. Norman, Thos. G. Way

Probated by Thomas G. Way on 7 May 1849

Recorded 16 May 1849

See original will at:

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