Liberty County Will – Mary J. Bacon

Enslaved Persons Mentioned: Affy, Betty, Billy, Chloe, Edward, Flora, Grace, Henry, Hillington, Jack, Joe, Lavinia, Letty, Lindy, Mariah , Moses, Peter, Rachel, Rosine [or Rosina?], Sarah Ann, Sary, Stephen, Tyra, Washington, Wesly [alt: Wesley], William
Slaveholder: Mary J. Bacon
Year: 1853
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Mary J. Bacon, widow and resident of “the village of Hinesville,” Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • Item 1. “I bequeath my body to the dust, my soul to God who gave it, hoping for mercy through the atonement of Christ.”

  • Item 2. Gives the whole of her real estate with all fixtures and appurtenances to her beloved daughter Mary W. Fraser, wife of S.A. Fraser, during her natural life and for her separate use, not subject to any of his debts or contracts, and not to be liable to any judgments against him, now or in the future. Desires that neither Mary W. Fraser nor her husband S.A. Fraser be able to encumber said property by any debts or contracts for sale so that the property goes to Mary Fraser’s children, living or future, by her current or any future husband, upon her death. This real estate consists of the tract of land that Mary J. Bacon currently resides on in the village of Hinesville, Liberty County, one half of the plantation purchased from Henry Stevens, situated on the Sunbury Road. It also includes all of her share, interest and right to a tract of land on Gravel Hill formerly owned by her late husband Major John Bacon deceased. If any of Mary Fraser’s children die before she does, leaving “lawfully begotten” children, then these children should have the share their father or mother would have had. If any of the children die before turning 21 or before being married, then their shares are to go to the survivors. If Mary Fraser were to die with no children, then her husband, S.A. Fraser, shall have use of this property during his natural life, and after his death it will go to her brother William Hazzard’s children.

  • Item 3. With the same conditions as in Item 2, gives to her daughter Mary W. Fraser all her household and kitchen furniture including silver and ready money, “and the following Negroes to wit: Flora, Tyra, and her children Edward, Lavinia, Moses, Joe and Chloe[,] Sary and her child Rachel[,] Mariah and her child Betty[,] Grace and her child Lindy[,] Affy and her children Sarah Ann, Letty[,] Wesly & Rosine [or Rosina?], Stephen a carpenter[,] Jack[,] Peter[,] Hillington[,] Billy[,] Henry[,] Washington[,] and William a carpenter together with the future increase of the females. Also leaves to daughter Mary W. Fraser the rest and residue of her estate, both real and personal for her natural life, again as directed in Item 2.

  • Item 4. Appoints friend Col. Joseph Quarterman[,] S.A. Fraser and Thomas Q. Cassels as executors.

Date signed: 10 January 1853

Witnesses: W.E.W. Quarterman, J.J.C.L.C., H.F. Horne, John A. Hendry

Recorded 5 February 1864

Citation: “Georgia Probate Records, 1742-1990,” images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Liberty > Wills 1863-1942 vol C-D > image 22 of 430; county probate courthouses, Georgia.

See original will at:

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