Liberty County Will – Jacob Sims

Enslaved Persons Named: Rose
Slaveowners name: Jacob Sims
Year: 1852
Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Will Summary:

Testator: Jacob Sims, Liberty County, State of Georgia


  • If his wife Loanzy Sims survives him, she should have the uninterrupted use of the plantation on which he now resides, together with all plantation privileges, during her natural life or as long as she remains a widow and lives on said plantation “together with my female servant Rose and my stock of hogs[,] cattle[,] horses[,] kitchen and household furniture and plantation tools together with the balance of my real estate all lying and adjoining to the plantation on which I reside.”

  • The property bequeathed to his wife Loanzy shall be in lieu of dower, and she shall have the use and enjoyment of it only during her life or as long as she remains a widow or as long as she lives on the place. If she remarries, dies, and leaves the said plantation, then the property shall be devised as follows:

  • Gives to his beloved daughter Seley Knight five head of cattle marked [with a] poplar leaf in one ear and under bit in the other, branded J.S. , with all the increase from now forward[,] also sixteen head marked poplar leaf in one ear[,] crop & split in the other [&] branded C [both a box around it] to the sole use of her and such children as she has by her current husband Charles Knight or any future husband [and] not to be subject to these husbands’ debts, contract or control. After her death, these cattle go to her children living at that time.

  • After his wife dies, he directs his executors to divide his estate both real and personal into four equal shares, with one share to the children of his daughter Mary Bell, deceased; one share to Moses Taylor, his daughter Sarah Taylor’s husband; one share to thte children of his daughter Elisabeth Jones; and one share to the use of his daughter Seley Knight, while she lives, then to her children.

  • Directs his executors to retain in their possession the shares of the children of Elisabeth Jones and Mary Bell and dispose of them for the best interests of these children.

Executors: Charles Knight, William Grice

Date signed: 19 October 1852

Witnesses: Z.L. Boggs, Micajah Stephens, and Joseph Whitton


  • I revoke and change so much of the second item of said will as relates as to my wife Loanzy Sims retaining one lott of land containing four hundred acres warrant dated 3d day of January 1843 surveyed 10th January 1843 and so much of my stock as my trustee and wife Loanzy may see proper to dispose of the proceeds to be taken in charge by my trustee for the support and maintenance of my said wife Loanzy the proceeds to be put at interest or otherwise as they may deem best for her support & comfort. “

  • Appoints his friend William Grice as trustee of this property as well as that mentioned in his will.

Date signed 5 January 1853

Witnesses: Z.L. Boggs, J.W. Stephens, M.S. Wells

Recorded in Book C Page 87 to 91 on 5 December 1853

Citation: “Georgia Probate Records, 1742-1990,” images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Liberty > Wills 1869-1917 Miller, Melissa-Zoucks, D. > image 486 of 1098; county probate courthouses, Georgia.

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