Liberty County Estate Inventory – Jonathan Bacon, Sr.

Location: Liberty County, Georgia
Deceased: Jonathan Bacon, Sr.
Date Sworn: [not listed, probably 1794]

These antebellum estate inventories and appraisals generally included all the deceased person’s “property,” including enslaved persons. Only those names are documented here for historical and genealogical purposes. Anyone interested in the actual property owned by the deceased may find it at the link at the bottom of the page. Names are listed in the original order, as this often gives very valuable information about family groupings or the age of children (who may be listed in age order).

Location: Liberty County, Georgia
Deceased: Jonathan Bacon, Sr.
Date Sworn: [not listed, probably 1794]
Appraisers: Francis Ross, E. Baker, Jos. Quarterman
Estate Administrator: [not listed]
Court Officer: [not listed]
Date Recorded: [not listed, probably 1794]
Total Value of Estate: 295.00 [British pound symbol]
Value of enslaved persons: 295.00 [British pound symbol]
Comments: Estate listing consisted only of enslaved persons.

Enslaved Person Named Value Desc. Alt Spellings
Dick 60 man
Quash (?) 60 man Quark?
Hannah 50 wench
Elsey 40 wench
Cinder 10 wench
Sally 15 girl
Mazer (?) 25 girl Majer?
Bob 35 boy

Find the digitized original at: “Georgia Probate Records, 1742-1990,” images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Liberty > Wills, appraisements and bonds 1790-1850 vol B > image 212 of 689; county probate courthouses, Georgia.

One thought on “Liberty County Estate Inventory – Jonathan Bacon, Sr.”

  1. Dear Ms. Cole, If someone asked me to dream up the most valuable genealogical and historical help possible for my own research, my answer would be exactly what you have done and continue to do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I am a retired journalist living in Atlantic Beach, Florida (12 miles from Jacksonville) and for many years have been working on a biography of blues guitarist Blind Blake, AKA Arthur Phelps. Blake was born in Virginia but my research strongly indicates his birth parents were Winter Phelps ofMcIntosh County and Melissa Roberts of Liberty County. I don’t know much about Winter’s background — he appears to have an association with the Ryals family and possibly that came about through the Phelps marriage into the Ryals line. He’s possibly a brother to Moses Phelps in Liberty County since both say their mother’s name is Lucy.

    Melissa’s parents are Amelia LeConte and Jack Roberts. They used the name Jones in 1867 and 1870 but changed to Roberts by 1880. I believe Jack was a slave ofMoses Liberty Jones and descendants, living adjacent to the LeContes’ Syphax plantation. I believe that Amelia is the daughter of Hercules LeConte, owned by John LeConte according to the Southern ClAims Commission file.

    Is there a Louis LeConte will in Liberty County? I have seen an estate evaluation for Moses Liberty Jones and have read most of the books you list. Also, do you know which contemporary church oversees the Crossroads graveyard? Most of Blake’s relatives lived on Sandy Run Road after the war and are buried there. I(His parents divorced and Winter is buried in McIntosh County) I would like to come up there but am unsure if graves are marked or if the church has any records.

    I know there are contemporary LeCount, Alvin, Blue and other related families still in the area and hope to make contact in the future. Any and all advice appreciated! Again, HUUUUGE thanks for all you do!


    Sharon Hoffmann 904-246-9370

    Sent from my iPad



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