Deed of Manumission for Harriet Golden

Title: Deed of Manumission by Charlton Hines

Georgia, Liberty County } Having for good and sufficient reasons felt it to be my duty, I have permitted a mulatto woman by the name of Harriet Golden to enjoy, as far as the laws of this State would allow, all the privileges of freedom. And it is now my wish, and I hereby declare it to be my will, that after my death my Executors take an oversight of her, and make such arrangements as may be necessary to enable her to continue to enjoy freedom. And they are farther requested to act as Guardians for and protectors to her.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this the twenty third day of May, in the Year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty one.

Signed, sealed, delivered and published in the presence of us the subscribing witnesses, this the 23d day of May 1864.

[Signed] C. Hines

S.A. Fraser
J.H. Alexander
S.A. Calder

Recorded March 24th, 1864
W.P. Girardeau O.L.C.

Find the digitized original at: “Georgia Probate Records, 1742-1990,” images, FamilySearch ( : 20 May 2014), Liberty > Wills 1863-1942 vol C-D > image 32 of 430; county probate courthouses, Georgia.

One thought on “Deed of Manumission for Harriet Golden”

  1. Awesome! However a manumitted slave in such a society was a precarious status in the south as there was no substantial free people of color (POC) communities in Liberty County as in Savannah in which one could be protected. Quite possiby, Harriet Golden, depending on her age, was Charlton Hines’ daughter or his mulatto concubine/lover, or if she were up in age…possibly his Negro mammy. I’ll look in the Census records for her whereabouts in 1870 to try to determine her status and reason for manumission.


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